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Windmill Island

Thomas Family

@ Windmill Island

Rhonda, Barb,

and the 08 Quilt

News from the Netherlands - in English

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DeVries-Draayer Reunion 2009


DeVries - Draayer Reunion 2008

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there are a lot of photos, we hope you also enjoy our vacation photos !

Some photos from our relative from across the pond

Gerrit and his family (ours too!)

Albert van de Beek

Anne van de Beek & daughter Jasmijn

Evert & Greetje Kroon & Grandchildren

Julia and Jasmijn

Gerrit Jan Kroon and Niece Julia

Greetje Kroon - de Vries

Marte Kroon

Michiel Kroon & Bart  van de Beek

Ron & Anne van de Beek

+ daughters Julia and Jasmijn

Great Grandmother

Beppe Aaltje de Vries vd Kooi

(Mother of Reinder de Vries)

Back row from left:

Aaltje &, Romkje, Afke, and Gosse (husband of Tante Tjitske), and Eise de Vries (son of Oom Ljibbe)

Seated: Pake Ybele Rommy

Reinder de Vries

Father of Jane, Sam, Alice, Elmer,

Eddie, Audrey, Leo, Treva,

and Ruthie Jane de Vries

Husband of Rena Draayer de Vries

Paka Ybele de Vries

Grand Rapids HS Grads Nic Stukkie Zak Wiggers

grad party photos are still available available HERE

Want to read the REAL history of the founding of New York (New Amsterdam)?

Get this book to find out how our great country was based on Dutch, not English beliefs and ideals:

Wonderful read on the history of New York City and how our society was based on Dutch beliefs of freedom, not English!

And yes, the DeVries name appears as two of the original settlers/principals are from Vriesland

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